The Preserve Journal #10

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The Preserve Journal presents you with a broad range of perspectives from an ever-growing group of global authors and contributors- each of them with a wealth of knowledge, rich experiences, and insights to share.

Contents — Issue no 10

Editor's Note
Words by Helene Schulze

Fieldnotes from The Preserve Journal office
Words by Regina Idiartegaray, Lead Designer & Art Director at TPJ

'Unnatural Nature: A queer walk through the woods
Words by Barney Pau, photography by Hannah Morgan

The wondrous tales of Widar, alphabetically told
Words by Hadas Cnaani, photography by Mieke Verbijlen

Water Bodies: Navigating hydrofeminism in Morocco
Words by Kenza Benabderrazik, photography by Marine Billet

Expresión Orgánica: In Conversation with Nury Marandet
Words and photography by Regina Idiartegaray

A 'wonderful council of beings': Farming as an experiment in gastronomic co-existence
Words by Kelly Donati, illustrations by Khloe Baker

The Path to Remembrance: A Sommelier's deep dive into Sake. An interview with Masaru Terada
Words by Dominic Ashby, photography by Yoshie Itasaka

If molds could talk: The story of a fungus
Words Sara Vande Velde, illustrations by Bennie Finn

Preserving a Cuisine, Preserving a Culture: Yaxunah's Mayan Art of Cooking
Words by Louise van Benschop, photography by Eva Verbeeck

Eat to Live: Agroecological Farming on the Galapagos Islands
Words and photography by Katie McElearney

Ragusano: Ecologies of Raw Milk Cheese
Words and photography by Trevor Warmedahl

Decolonizing Pastry: A personal essay
Words by Taylor Early, illustrations by Taylor Early & Regina Idiartegaray

Cover photo by Bela Mora Real

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