Sofa Magazine #3 – Oh Boy!

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“Masculinities”—the third installment of SOFA magazine—addresses current news headlines in context, as today’s crisis of masculinities marks both a process of collective transformation and spiritual implication.

The world is in the midst of a major cultural shift, one that requires compassion and a diverse male presence. With numerous contributors covering topics like #MeToo, body image in the social media era, the influence of porn and gaming, love in the tech space, men’s mental health, dad complexes, gay gym culture, and more, this issue offers a safe space for dialogue in a time when the male species has not been socialized or encouraged to expose vulnerability.

Featuring Bilderbuch's Maurice Ernst, The S.C.U.M. Manifest Revisited, Sad Boys (featuring XXXTentacion), Virgil Abloh, Man Masks, Slutwatching, The Phallus Fallacy... and more!

Edited by Caia Hagel and Ricarda Messner

Art direction by Studio YUKIKO

Designed by Michelle Phillips and Per Törnberg

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