The Healthy Times #4

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How does breakfast look after a one-night stand? What do restaurant critics do right, wrong, or not at all? What fine-dining menu does artificial intelligence recommend for this evening? With the new issue of their somewhat different cooking magazine The Healthy Times, three top chefs from Austria – Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger, and Felix Schellhorn alias Healthy Boy Band – are once again cooking on an open fire: Issue 4, “Handjobs,” explains the handicraft of gastronomy.

The fourth issue, just released under the title “Handjobs,” delivers on its promise of breaking taboos, but also focuses once again more on the genre of the classic cooking magazine and includes themes from everyday life. With writers like Nora Voit, Sara Geisler, Lorraine Haist, Andrea Petrini, David Bogner, Florian Holzer, Alexander Rabl and David Zilber, The Healthy Times is once again filled with fantastic articles such as “The Triumph of the Chopstick Trick” or “Twilight of the Wait Staff.” In any case, the magazine is spreading “Keinen Käse (no nonsense).“ Every issue appears in a new, independent design. With 260 pages in a manageable format, this issue as well is a work of art in itself which, alongside its contentual orientation under the editorship of Melissa Graf, also breaks aesthetic borders with its design by Simon Walterer and Wolfgang Ortner.

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