Entangled Landscapes Magazine #1

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Entangled Landscapes: Our second printed publication, and a sister publication to The Preserve Journal.

⁠Through Entangled Landscapes, we will be Telling Regional Food Stories from the intersections of food, agriculture, and sustainability. We will be exploring the myriad regions of the world and their distinct food cultures, agricultural landscapes, and the nourishing practices and inspiring beings who have shaped, and continue to shape these areas collaboratively.⁠

With Entangled Landscapes, we seek to tell stories of practices that nourish the landscapes and the world around them, and which create more life than they destroy. Practices that do not rely on the dominating logic of exploitation for profit, but which rather reimagine a present and future that is nourishing, responsible, and resilient; ways of living that enable flourishing, rather than extinction.⁠

Each volume of Entangled Landscapes will be dedicated to one selected region of the world and the inspiring work unfolding there. We are excited to announce that Volume 1 of Entangled Landscapes will be dedicated to the Italian region of Abruzzo.⁠

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