Henry Rox Revue. Fotografie 1935-1955

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The Henry Rox Revue combines artistic feats of acrobatics, music and dance with some of the scurrilities of everyday life – Here the impossible is captured in unique photo-graphs. Henry Rox’s photographic imagery is a mad-cap revue packed full of cryptic hu-mour and witty charm. It toys with disguises and masquerades and thrives on simple yet fanciful arrangements and staged settings, with various fruits and vegetables cast as the main protagonists in all manner of roles. The little that exists in the way of documents, photographs and references to Henry Rox’s works is scattered across many archives and collections in both America and Europe. To date, there has been no comprehensive publication, an extensive catalogue raison-né of his works – Henry Rox is a forgotten artist from the middle of the 20th century. This book compiled by Wolfgang Vollmer represents the astonishing rediscovery of an impressive artistic position.

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