Suspira Magazine #3

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The Vampire Issue.
Each issue of Suspira sets out to explore “an archetype of fear and fascination,” dissecting sinister subjects through a feminine lens, taking necessary and surprising approaches to the horror genre. A magazine that doesn’t rely entirely on contemporary references, as beguiling as it is repellent, Suspira is a powerfully and jarringly-designed journey into the grotesque.

Moving on from monsters in issue 1, via fetish in issue 2, this third issue explores vampires. An amalgam of sex and death, the vampire archetype embodies an unhinged darkness that not only embraces, but revels in the violent, the sensual and the other.

In this issue:

Emily Linstrom takes us on a passionate voyage through the evolution of the vampire romance
Joanna Drot-Troha talks about finding solace within a chosen (vampire) family
Vampire specialist Rose Sinister speaks about her hometown in New Orleans, and reminds us that the only certainty in life is death

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