Suspira Magazine #1

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The Monster Issue.
With each issue set to explore “an archetype of fear and fascination,” Suspira Magazine dissects sinister subjects through a feminine lens, taking fresh, necessary and surprising approaches to the horror genre. While undoubtedly a timely first endeavour — 2018 glibly being the perfect time for a feminist horror magazine to thrive — the “Monster Issue” of Suspira takes that grim baton and runs with it to create a totally original publication.

A magazine that doesn’t trade on tired tropes or rely entirely on contemporary references, as beguiling as it is repellent, Suspira is a powerfully and jarringly-designed journey into the world of the grotesque.

In this issue:

144 pages of groundbreaking feminist horror
Art by Niki Current, Lena Macka, and Horacio Quiroz
Photography from Neal Auch, Helio Leon, Aviv Grimm, Lewis Khan, Anna Garforth, Patrick Jannin, Aldo D’Angelo
Writing by Aviv Grimm, Anya Stanley, Bess Lovejoy, Susannah Russell, Valentina Egoavil Medina, and Alexandra Furssedonn-Howard

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