Suspira Magazine #2

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With each issue set to explore “an archetype of fear and fascination,” Suspira dissects sinister subjects through a feminine lens, taking fresh, necessary and surprising approaches to the horror genre. A magazine that doesn’t trade on tired tropes or rely entirely on contemporary references, as beguiling as it is repellent, Suspira is a powerfully and jarringly-designed journey into the world of the grotesque.

Moving on from the monstrous, in issue 1, to the feminine, this second issue brings sensual nightmares to life, exploring the fear of feral, female sexuality. Unravelling the intersection of horror and sex, The Fetish Issue invites the reader into a psychosexual forest of the bizarre to discover the pleasures of their own dreads and desires.

In this issue:

The male gaze and female desire in The Devils
Come as you are with Yeha Leung
In conversation with Marie Devilreux

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