Kapsel Magazine #3 – Die perfekte Diagnose

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Kapsel is the name of the project on contemporary science fiction from China. It consists of an exchange in the form of discussions and workshops and publications on the topic. It all started with the magazine Kapsel, which publishes current texts from China accompanied by essays and letters. Anthologies and voices on the future from authors from German-speaking countries are now also being published.

The story of the third edition is titled “绝对诊断” (English: “The Perfect Diagnosis”) and was written by Jiang Bo from Shanghai. In it, the qualified computer scientist shows the limits of big data and artificial intelligence. Nothing is as it initially seems in this short story, which was first published in China in 2018.

With contributions from Ken Liu, Chen Qiufan, A Que, Josefine Rieks, Wolfgang M. Schmitt, Tim Holland and Nathaniel Isaacson. Illustrated by Martha Burger, Malte Euler, Robert Löbel, Jul Quanouai, Katharina Reinsbach, Christoph Köster and Julius Wagner.

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