Kapsel Magazine #4 – Träume

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Kapsel is the name of the project on contemporary science fiction from China. It consists of an exchange in the form of discussions and workshops and publications on the topic. It all started with the magazine Kapsel, which publishes current texts from China accompanied by essays, letters and illustrations. Anthologies and voices on the future from authors from German-speaking countries are now also being published.

In the fourth issue, a special issue, Baoshu, Anja Kümmel, Tim Holland and Anna Wu dream of a better world. Discussing and illustrating their visions: Ann Cotten, Josefine Rieks, Hendrik Otremba, Jiang Zhenyu, Ruohan Wang, Haojun Pan, Yuan Wang, Julia Krusch, Christoph Köster and Robert Löbel. Kadavar and Ella Zwietnig have set two of the stories to music for an additionally available radio play.

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