Spross Magazine #2

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The first issue of the comic magazine SPROSS was published in 2022 under the editorship of Janne Marie Dauer and Karoline Achilles. It is in green and bears the title "A strange plant". As back then, the new issue of 2024 is also completely monochrome - this time blue, which is of course also reflected in the title: Being Blue. Once again edited by Janne Marie Dauer, it brings together comics by almost 40 artists who play through being blue in various meanings and diverse associations - from the blue color itself, to the state of being blue, to the political.

Comic magazines have always been central to the comic scene, enabling young artists to publish their work, to work experimentally and playfully, away from the publishing landscape. SPROSS is therefore particularly important for the comic scene in German-speaking countries. The second issue is also published by Edition Dostal in Vienna.

With contributions from Janne Marie Dauer, Monika Ernst, Simon Goritschnig, Stefan Hahn, Stanislaus Medan, Lenz Mosbacher, Jasmin Rehrmbacher, Vinz Schwarzbauer, Felix Schwentner, Mafutofu and many more!

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