Spross Magazine #1

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Spross magazine is the name of the most refreshing comic anthology ever bred in Vienna (and Kassel). Under the outstanding editorship of Janne Marie Dauer and Karoline Achilles, some of the most creative voices in Austrocomics and other nearby comic nations are brought together here under the motto "A strange plant" and presented in an invigoratingly poetic sequence. There is a reunion with the comic drives of Burnbjoern, Nina Buchner, Jasmin Rehrmbacher, Lenz Mosbacher, Vinz Schwarzbauer and Janne Marie Dauer - their garden party Fantasia is an absolute highlight - and the discovery of many new talents that have sprouted up in recent years! Gone are the times when the best indie comic anthologies only ever came from the USA. SPROSS was printed by local heroes Soybot in Riso, appropriately in monochrome green and is the latest release from the Viennese Edition Dostal.

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