Grafikmagazin 2023 #5 – Creative Printing

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Why make just one cool cover when you can have six! The new issue of the graphics magazine comes with six completely different cover motifs designed by studios from Germany and the USA. The special feature: The motifs were realized using risograph printing and are true art prints. This is how "creative printing" works.

The content of the new issue of Grafikmagazin is at least as colorful as the cover. This time, the "Focus" section focuses on ethics in design. Business information scientist Sarah Spiekermann deals with digital ethics and has developed a value system for the 21st century, which we take a closer look at. We spoke to Robin Auer, board member of the DDC and designer at IBM, about the responsibility that companies and designers have when dealing with AI. You can find this and more in our "Focus: Ethics".

In our "Production & Publishing" section, our author Sylvia Lerch visited the lithography workshop in Munich's Künstlerhaus and looked over the shoulder of workshop manager Raquel Ro as she worked on photolithography. The Portuguese studio This is Pacifica has turned a book into a brick or vice versa and the VDMB's annual magazine is a masterpiece in terms of printing, design and finishing.

The book "Keimzelle", in which students document an experimental garden project in a public space, also shows how form and content can be mutually beneficial. Quite rightly one of the winners of this year's "Most Beautiful German Books" competition. We also present the Healthy Materials Lab, whose founders Alison Mears and Jonsara Ruth explain in an interview why material health is a topic that designers should definitely address.

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