Grafikmagazin 2024 #3 – Brand Design

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The print magazine for creatives. We present outstanding work from the following areas Graphic design, Illustration, Corporate Design, Typography, Print & Paper. Every two months.

In Grafikmagazin 03.24, we start with a new focus and deal with the topic of "Pricing" over the course of two issues. It's not just newcomers to the profession who find it difficult to correctly assess the value of their own work. But how do I ensure that my work is paid well and appropriately and that the customer goes along with it? Markus Hartmann, the author of "Preisfindung in Agenturen" (Pricing in Agencies), has lots of advice and tricks up his sleeve and we asked various creative professionals to share their practical tips with us. You can find out more about "Pricing" on seven pages in this issue.

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