Das Narr Magazine #36

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Exit exile. Not just exile, but also the exit from exile. Exile itself as an exit. The exit as an exile. – The connections that arise from the two terms are diverse. It seems important to us that the concepts are broken down. In order not to fixate authors who specifically live in exile in Switzerland on their exile as a label. In order to be able to question exile in different manifestations. In order not to limit stories with patterns and frames that are so evident in the common use of words. In the sense of a connection between people, life stories and conceptions of literature. We hope that we have succeeded in this by juxtaposing the very different texts, some of which were translated for this edition.

With texts by

Dilbahar Askari, Chadia Atassi, Sagal Maj Comafai, Lukas Gloor, Gunnar D. Hansson, Dima Albitar Kalaji, Nazli Karabıyıkoğlu, Sára Köhnlein, Wagdy El Komy, Rike Lorenz, Anna Melikova, Halyna Petrosanyak, Shukri Al Rayyan, Elisarutschi, Jafar Sael , Suzan Samancı, Frederike Schäfer, Ruth Schweikert, Marc Späni, Marina Skalova, Georgia Strati, Miriam Tag, Kameliya Taneva, Sreten Ugričić, Elisabeth Wandeler-Deck, Saskia Winkelmann

Illustrations by Mel Wilken and a photo essay by Raphael Pavel

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