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The Japanese Graphic Design x Typography Issue
In a world where creativity knows no borders, cross-cultural perspectives within design have become more important than ever to learn more about, specifically, knowing how to expand your design horizons beyond the familiar realms of Western graphic design and typography. Navigating the intricate maze of global design landscapes can become a daunting task, especially when hindered by linguistic barriers, not to mention the added sensitivity to cultural exchange that should be taken into consideration.

Positioned as a supporting guide, we’re delighted to introduce TYPEONE Magazine issue 08, our very first cultural exploration issue — delving into the world of Japanese graphic design and typography.

The editorial features we’ve curated for issue 08 aim to platform the thoughts and experiences of the individuals, as well as topics and conversations at the heart of Japan’s design industry, put forward by natives of its culture. All the while, simultaneously constructing lines of questioning that relate to the experience of our readership who are primarily based in Western and European countries, who like us, may have only a surface understanding of the Japanese graphic design and typography industry.

Armed with an understanding of both design principles and nuanced perspectives TYPEONE Magazine issue 08 serves as a valuable companion to equip yourself with a wider breadth of knowledge about the cross-cultural design industry of Japanese design and typography.

The Value We Bring
With every issue, we dedicate ourselves to the task of providing you with grounded pieces of advice from industry professionals to better your creative career, relatable content from designers at all stages of their career journeys, inspirational stories, and a fresh, unique perspective on the world of graphic design and typography.

Issue 08 – Cover Design
Issue 08 features a calligraphic Hiragana ‘8’ by Japanese calligraphy artist MAMIMOZI — a creative who nods to both the worlds of graffiti and calligraphy in her work.

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