Tweener Magazine #1

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Austria has a new tennis magazine.

tweener will be quite different from other sports magazines. The internet is a quicker and more direct source for daily reports about events in this top-class sport. Paper may be patient, but tennis fans certainly aren’t. tweener offers stories and perspectives that will still have something to say years later. For example: a report about the wicked concrete courts in Vienna’s Donaupark; a series of photos (taken by Maximilian Haidacher) about a Styrian quarry that provides a large part of the sand used for tennis in Austria; a witty reckoning with sports clubs by Christoph Grissemann; a self-observation about failing in tennis as a hobby player by Tobias Pötzelsberger; a look into the bag of Nico Langmann, who is a professional tennis player in a wheelchair; a nutrition recommendation by Lukas Mraz, one of the best cooks in the country. This is the first service of tweener magazine. Welcome!

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