The Healthy Times #3

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The Healthy Boy Band has done it again. After they founded their magazine The Healthy Times in 2020, the third issue is already being published. In this issue as well, they remain true to their creed that form and contents of the magazine should never stay the same. For the third issue, they were able to enlist the services of their companion of many years, the gastronomical critic Andrea Petrini, and of the performance artist Sophia Süßmilch. Appearing in the design of a classic paperback in the style of Suhrkamp or Reclam, the pages of the magazine are divided up exactly and filled by Süßmilch and Petrini respectively with photographs, essays and recipes addressing the issue of whether food is art. Moreover, the Healthy Boy Band got together with Peter Kubelka in Vienna for what he calls a Weltsterschleckung. The only thing that remains the same in the magazine is the settling of accounts with Severin Corti, which can’t be missing in the third edition of The Healthy Times.

In this sense, stay healthy!

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