Schnitt Magazine #1 – Curated Spaces

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SCHNITT MAGAZINE is a product of a collective studio founded by architect Caroline Steffen. This carefully curated, progressive magazine focuses on the intersections between the architecture sector and other disciplines. The first issue, ‘Curated spaces’, features five protagonists who work at the interface with art.

In individually presented essays, the five authors address the overarching theme of ‘Curated Spaces’ in different ways. Be it spaces of thought that reflect on the profession of the architect, physical spaces that become interactive experiences, spaces in which women make only a minor appearance so far, performative spaces or curated spaces in the classical sense. Their perspectives show new fields of work that deviate from the classical profession of the architect, are characterized by interdisciplinary work and thinking and are curatorial in their approach.

Schnitt is published by a.collectivestudio . A practice with an architectural background that is dedicated to working at the interfaces with other disciplines.

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