Rûm Magazine #1

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rûm [ruum] is an ancient german word for "room" or "space". Our aim is to provide space for film photographers. rûm is exclusively dedicated to film photography. It provides a free platform for photographers to present their work. rûm welcomes emerging talents as well as established photographers. We want to promote interaction and collaboration between photographers and so we are always happy to get in touch with you. rûm was founded by Maria Lichtenegger and Harald Wawrzyniak, two photographers based in Graz.

Photographers in Rûm #1

Adrien Tomaz
Ahmed Makhlouf
Alexandre Andre Terras
Antonina Gugala
Benoit Chailleux
Domenica Melillo
Dominic Bugatto
Elena Ricci
Elicia Epstein
Erich Deleeuw
Fran Solloway
Irina Munteanu
Jason Pappariella
Jessica Griffiths
Jib Peter
Jordane Prestrot
Julia Borissova
Julia Lacina
Karl Child
Katharina Paulweber
Keigo Bove
Larry Gloth
Lee Mallett
Lena Prehal
Loes van Iperen
Louis Laurent
Luca Marianaccio
Lucrecia Althabe
Ludwig Danner
Magnus Åström
Malwina Adaszek
Marco Verdi
Maria Antonietta Mione
María Hernández
Martín Guevara Kunerth
Maria Vittoria Ghirardi
Mark Wright
Mattéo Mechekour
Max Slobodda
Mina Dimitrovski
Mirza Kahriman
Netra Nei
Paul van Bueren
Pedro de Passos
Sebastian Reiser
Sergey Novikov
Sinziana Velicescu
Susannah van der Zaag
Tudor Ciurescu
Ulrike Mayrhuber
Viviana Levrino
Xuecong Lin

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