Process*in Magazine #4

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process*in is an annual literary magazine that deals with the working and creation processes of literary texts. First versions, sketches and excerpts are printed in it and placed alongside the collected research material, which is made up of handwritten notes, sketchbook entries, photos and smartphone screenshots, inspirations and line drafts. The processual aspect is also taken up in the graphic design of the idea: the visual elements within the magazine are thus understood as flexible variables that are repeatedly rolled up and reinterpreted in the course of the publication. The visual playing field is defined and tested by shifting individual parameters such as font size, text indents, font contour, image size or other stylistic elements. In this way, the magazine grows into a polyphonic collective work that invites readers to immerse themselves in the world of literary writing through a variety of approaches.

The 4th issue deals with the topic of power (in the literary and cultural sector).

By definition, power only constitutes a means. Or rather, to possess power is simply to possess means of action that exceed the limited power that an individual has at his or her disposal. But due to the fact that power is inherently incapable of grasping its object, the search for power precludes any final conclusion and, in an inevitable reversal, one ends up assuming all possible conclusions.

The issue questions the conditions within the company, attempts to situate itself within it textually and gives the authors space to openly express everything that is close to their hearts. Textually, the issue ranges between essays, polemics, prose and poetry. With contributions from Jonas-Philipp Dallmann, Julia Knaß, Michèle Yves Pauty, roomtexte, Mati Shemoelof and many more.

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