Peter Pflügler – Now is not the right time

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When I was two years old, my father went into the woods, with the intention of never coming back.

Peter Pflügler (AT) takes us on an intimate journey through the labyrinth of a family secret. The suicide attempt of his father was concealed for twenty years. And yet he has always somehow known.

Carefully investigating the traces of this silent, dark story, he created images that live on the brink of comfort and irritation, between love and pain. Leafing through this slightly uncomfortable landscape, the viewer is invited to look further and discover texts and images hidden between the pages.

Now is not the right time is about the impossibility of secrets, about what we share when we hide, and about intergenerational trauma. It is a work about pain inflicted out of love, the complexity of silence and the inexplicable sadness of a boy.

Mom… Dad… this is your trauma that you kept wrapped up in countless colourful blankets and yet handed over to me in a loving embrace. I will carry it with care.

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