Pellicola Magazine #1 – Time

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The first printed issue of Pellicola is a response to the increasing reliance on the online realm for content consumption, where quantity and aesthetics often overshadow quality. Recognizing the pitfalls of this trend, we chose the theme of “Time” to emphasize the importance of slowing down and engaging with images in a meaningful way. In a world saturated with rapidly produced content, we aim to delve into the origins and significance of photographs, fostering a deeper understanding. The magazine serves as a curated exploration of photography, featuring diverse voices — from Pellicola’s editorial team to photographers, critics, and curators — providing a critical and contemporary perspective on the subject.

To delve deeper is the key concept from which we started to outline the structure of the magazine, conceived as a journey of progressive investigation into photography through a succession of voices, ranging from the editorial staff of Pellicola in the Intro and Projects sections to those of photographers in the In Dialogue section, critics and curators working in the field in the final Perspectives section, which aims to offer as much as possible a critical and contemporary view about the subject under investigation.

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