Misaki Kawai – Steamy Buns

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“Steamy Buns” was initiated during Misaki’s travel in Taiwan last year in 2019. After one year and a half of work we finally present this beautiful book to you. Misaki paints and creates, with her brushstrokes that seem decisive and effortless, countless characters and reaches a purity that a great artist takes years to become like a child. Such pure joy grows little by little in the reader’s heart, warmly rising like the steam buns – Yes! What Misaki enjoyed most in her Taiwan trip, was the everyday steamy buns she had in the breakfast shop!

Misaki’s colors, full of vigor and vitality. We love it so much that we print “Steamy Buns” with 14-color Risograph, to come close to her radiance. The clothbound hardcover, puffy like a bun, topped with specially printed puffy text, we hope you find the book even more tasty! And the double coil binding, it brings you free navigation, wide-open spread, good look, good touch, and great joy!

Misaki Kawai was raised & grew up in Osaka, Japan, and she graduated from the Kyoto College of Art. She creates works of drawing, painting, installation, sculpture, clothing, publication, design etc., playful in form and colour, so as in form and content. She has been widely exhibited in the US, Japan and Europe including MoMA in NY. Her collaborations in recent years include IKEA’s artist carpet and Flying Tiger’s lifestyle designs."

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