Martin Stöbich – Beirut

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"Throughout, I am reminded of how contradictory our civilization has become through its landscapes. In one photograph, a shoe (as seen in Martin’s photograph) is dead set on heading East and the other, its compatriot is seen heading due West and probably no better metaphor has existed for the Middle East in recent times. New buildings rise up from the dust, sprouting glass hats and avoiding ornament for steel. A good number of these buildings, like the good virgin herself are shrouded in veils, offering tantalizing voluptuous forms while regaling the virtue of a civic presence. Louis Vuitton and Spiderman make an appearance and in the distance a nighttime mosque is lit from the floodlights below. All of these experiences I am gathering from Martin. I am left to my own device and yet, I feel the wandering spirit of his images taking hold." Brad Feuerhelm for American Suburb X

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