It’s a passion thing Magazine #9

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Interviews and Stories on Entrepreneurship, Travel, Art, Design, Style of Life

MARIE KREUTZER, Vienna, Film Director // TING WANG, Shaxi, Craftswoman & Host // Now what, Maverick? Thoughts on Slow Work by philosopher Giulia De Meo Licht. // Old is Gold, on disappearing jobs in Asia // ALICE STORI LIECHTENSTEIN, Hollenegg, Design Curator // Curated By—House of Auster // Artist Feature Yuko Nishikawa // PETER FETZ, Schwarzenberg, Host // PASSION FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD Vienna // SUSANNE KAUFMANN, Bezau, Pioneer & Entrepreneur // KURIOSITÄTEN The new in the old // DAVID WURAWA, Vienna, Actor // AUROVILLE, India, Laboratory for Humanity // ANA HOLSCHNEIDER & ARIADNA GARCÍA, Mexico, Founders // PLACES & SPACES, Mexico, Hércules Brewery // LATE BLOOMERS from the music industry // BENJAMIN HOFER & ROBERT WEISHUBER, Vienna, Restaurateurs // MARCO DESSÍ, Vienna, Product Designer.

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