Gym Magazine #2

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Even though the crisis has changed work, there is much to suggest that most things will remain as they were. Our authors take stock and take us to where work is being done: in nursing homes, on the streets, in workshops, on trains, in offices and self-help groups, in psychiatry, in dirty stairwells and on boardrooms, the driver's cab of a truck , behind the counter, in labyrinths and on islands, in the homes of caring relatives, in gardens with pools that need to be cleaned, in coaching seminars, in the storage room of a café, in swamp areas, in the past and the future, in the war, in the Theater, at the university and on YouTube, in conference rooms and offices, on balconies, in the deepest tunnels and near the capital of Guadeloupe, and of course in the workplace of the year, in the study at home. The GYM team states: this magazine was a lot of work. And it was worth it.

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