Garagisme Magazine #9 – Import Mystique

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GARAGISME reflects a new and unique outlook on the present, past and future of car culture. Unseen within its genre, GARAGISME observes, dissects and analyses the Car by going beyond its industrial form and technical performance. It understands that the Car is more than just a simple object of consumption but instead a social phenomenon. It questions the creatures of the road by uniting the testimonies and images of contemporary artists, architects, writers,and sociologists. At a time where the Car passes through an incredible period of questioning and change, GARAGISME poses a critical and innovative eye on a subject that fascinates today’s world.

The Archives of RJ de Vera

It always starts in the garage. Years before consulting for the Fast and the Furious franchise, R.J. De Vera ran a parts distribution operation from his mom’s house in West L.A., catering to a clientele of enthusiasts who wanted to tune up their import cars. In Southern California, amongst a new crop of kids, Japanese-made automobiles, once frowned upon, became the new ride of choice for races and chases within a landscape of midnight streets and desert sprawl. The kids of the 80s and 90s found something better than a video game — a rapid fantasy that was attainable if you could just find that spot beneath the bridge and around the corner.

Photography: RJ de Vera
Creative Direction and Design: Xunsyare
Cover illustration: Inés Maestre
Production: Brent Lawson + L’Ecurie
Text: Daniel Spielberger

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