Der Greif Magazine #12

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As guest editors of Der Greif 12, Broomberg and Chanarin sent out a call for images that are too private, too quiet, too violent, too political, too subversive or too explicit to share online.

Der Greif 12 is guest-edited by Broomberg and Chanarin. This issue challenges our way of looking at and perceiving images. It asks if and how we may all be complicit to an ongoing commodification of imagery by using social media.

Der Greif 12 features the work of eighty-five photographers and artists, as well as excerpts from a four-hour interview between Broomberg and Chanarina and a former Facebook content moderator.

Broomberg and Chanarin were an artistic duo based in London. They became famous for their photographic body of work concerned with British colonial past and the consequences on todays society. Nowadays, their Estate is represented by The Goodman Gallery.

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