Carlijn Jacobs – Sleeping Beauty

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Dutch photographer Carlijn Jacobs works with today’s leading brands and celebrities, and yet she manages to keep her images quirky and alienating. ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is an invitation to the subconscious. Jacobs transports the spectator to a land of dreams, a fairy tale excursion through 160 hyper-stylised, illusory and surreal images depicting otherworldly creatures amid the pageantry of a masked ball. Geishas, LED face masks, painted bodies, Venetian carnivals, sheer wrappings… glamour is a persistent theme, but there is an edge to the beauty here. Inspired by both modern and ancient aesthetics, Jacobs demonstrates a fascination with the extreme in her work.

Sleeping Beauty is an ensemble of 160 images dating from the past five years, along with an essay by Shonag Marshall.

Sleeping Beauty is an excursion into a world of mysterious festivals where other-worldly creatures wander amid the pageantry of a masked ball. The theatrical nature, the eccentricity and the rich tapestry of Jacobs’ images signal a moral rebellion against constraints and social norms.

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