Butt Magazine #32

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AKEEM SMITH, stylist-turned-artist gets frisky in titty suit
By Zak Stone and Philip-Daniel Ducasse

EILEEN MYLES, legendary dyke is turned on by poetry
By Brontez Purnell and Jack Pierson

OLIVER SIM, discreet musician poses for pencil portraits
By Wilfrid Wood and Gert Jonkers

SHAROK, Los Angeles sex professional on breeding pigeons
By Phillip Picardi, Billy Lobos and Benjamin Ackermann

TRIO POLSKI, naked on a beach
By Kuba Ryniewicz

ROMAN HANAK, Czech tombstone engraver can’t kiss boyfriend
By Steve Marais

FAVS!, Jerome AB is a lover
By Clifford Prince King

ASTRIT ISMAILI, Kosovar artist performs ass-out
By Miloš Trakilović

ARISE, waking up in Tokyo
By Daisuke Nakashima

KATRINA SUMMERS, kinky accountant will sort you out
By Zac Bayly

LSDXOXO, a hitmaker who takes direction well
By Wolfgang Tillmans

By Anthony O’Donoghue

BUTT no. 32 is made with the work, ideas and support of: Andrew Pasquier, Ben Ackermann, Billy Lobos, Brontez Purnell, Clifford Prince King, Daisuke Nakashima, Danny Calvi, Denny Backhaus, Felix Burrichter, Gert Jonkers, Jack Pierson, Jessica Gysel, Jina Khayyer, Jop van Bennekom, Kuba Ryniewicz, Magnus Åkesson, Michael Bullock, Miloš Trakilović, Nikola Lamburov, Nuno Beijinho, Phillip Picardi, Philip-Daniel Ducasse, Rogier Delfos, Steve Marais, Takuhito Kawashima, Tom Johnston, Wilfrid Wood, Willy Ndatira, Wolfgang Tillmans, Zac Bayly and Zak Stone

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