Benedikt Steiner – Voids (signed)

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In his work cycle voids, Benedikt Steiner deals with the question of the extent to which phenomena of emptiness can be formalized. All in black and white, the small-format works show a cosmos of biomorphic-technoid forms that seem like intimations of something unspeakable. The sculptural-looking forms are the result of an almost sculptural searching movement; a constant application and removal of the contour in countless layers of paint. Present and absent, concrete and abstract in one, the works are always characterized by an ambivalent tension between two simultaneously existing states of form; separated by the boundary line of the contour and at the same time connected by the rough, relief-like texture.

As part of the vernissage on March 23 2024, the art book VOIDS was also presented and the sound performance the humming was performed.

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