Beatrice Signorello – Plantsch! A Summer in Gänsehäufel

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The photo series Plantsch! is intended to capture Viennese bathing culture in Gänsehäufel through the eyes of an »imported Viennese«. Wiener Freibäder (open-air baths) are not only soaked in history and unique, they are also closely linked to the city and its culture. A glimpse into the city’s largest open-air bath exposes the Viennese soul as it relaxes on summer vacation. Over the course of 53 visits last summer, I observed the rich and peculiar daily life in Gänsehäufel. During the realisation of this project I alternated between two opposite approaches: On the one hand, I built a trusted bond with the most loyal regular guests. On the other hand, I observed daily visitors from a distance. This resulted in a mixture of posed and intimate portraits with narrative compositions of spontaneous scenes.

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