Anna Aicher – Like Father, Like Son (Special Edition, signed)

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Special Edition including cardboard box and signed prints by Anna Aicher

Anna Aicher: "Like Father, Like Son is an old saying that, among other things, suggests a sense of conformity running from one generation to another. For me, though, there comes a point in life when a saying like this one turns into a question – as the quest for one‘s own identity begins. For an ongoing project, focused on various traditionally male-dominated activities in the countryside of southern Germany and Austria, I have been regularly visiting the region to photograph those who attend these old rituals. As I was never part of these traditions, they were always a bit of a mystery to me, and I’ve been trying to determine the boundaries of my connection to them. This collection, part of a bigger project, is my take on those traditions and rituals – that our fathers still preside over."

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