Zuzana Pustaiová – One Day Every Day

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“This is the one of those books that is difficult to explain, in the best possible way. […] From its format to its content, this book bends commercial and editorial aproaches to Pustaiová’s own devices with an ingenious, hyper-contemporary flair.” Leslie A.Martin, creative director of Aperture

“The book is like candy, a toy, which you immediately want to hold in your hands and play with. Eat me, eat me now and you will become a princess, or a prince, or someone who will be young forever and beloved by everyone. Playing with very bright colours and constructed images, similar to advertising language, Zuzana Pustaiova asks philosophical questions about our society, about gender norms, about acceptance or refusal, about fitting in or falling out. Can a beautiful image be of a disgust, or can a disgusting image be of a beauty? Why do we create the norms and how can we free ourselves from them? One day without norms could be so much fun, as Pustaiova suggests, so could be every day.“ Maria Kapajeva

“Between the innovative construction of the book itself and the vibrantly energetic content inside, One Day Every Day hits with a jangling thump. Pustaiová’s photographic and conceptual boldness forces us to sit up and pay attention, thereby providing an entryway for her more nuanced ideas about our contemporary existence. The combination leads to a memorably potent photobook, filled with the kind of head-scratching, edge-of-crazy (or brilliant) single images and visual one-liners worth sharing with others.” Loring Knoblauch, Collector Daily

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