Samuel Solazzo, Philipp Niemeyer, Jakob Tress, Jannis Uffrecht – Korrelationen II

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The KORRELATIONEN project was first created in Weimar in 2018 as a self-published zine by four photographers and friends Philipp Niemeyer, Samuel Solazzo, Jakob Treß and Jannis Uffrecht. In the format of 34 black and white photographs, the relationship between the four authors was questioned within mutual dialogues and, moreover, a field of tension was created within the entire publication. During the creation process, the impact of individual images or pairs of images was discussed critically, yet respectfully, in order to gain a better understanding of the different positions and ultimately make a coherent selection. A collective language grew out of the ambivalence of similarities and similarities, as well as differences and disagreements.

The successor KORRELATIONEN II was released at the end of 2020. After the monochrome debut, color became known and in the same breath the scope, content and circulation increased. The magazine should build on the basic ideas of the first issue, but at the same time not represent a pure continuation of the first project. In the midst of crisis, lockdown and spatial separation, a work has been condensed whose focus is still on togetherness, but which moves away from the page-filling comparisons of its predecessor in order to create a recognizable development and a narrative within a more playful layout. The whole thing is accompanied and framed by a text contribution by Grenadine Rübler. The design and typesetting were penned by Leon Lukas Plum. KORRELATIONEN II has already been awarded bronze at the German Photo Book Prize 2020, among other awards.

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