Putu Sayoga – Living under the volcanoes

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Indonesia ranks third on the list of countries with the most volcanoes, after the United States and Russia. There are no less than 127 active craters across the archipelago, where people live very close to the dangerous mountains. The land’s fertility—a result of the eruptions that, despite everything, has a beneficial impact on agricultural life—is one reason. Photographer Putu Sayoga documents the people and their daily lives and rituals, as well as the consequences of the eruptions on the communities surrounding the volcanoes, including Bali, Java, Sumatra, and North Moluccas.
Putu Sayoga is documentary and travel photographer based in Island of Bali. He studied politics in Gadjah Mada University where he graduated in 2010 from the Department of Politics and Government. An autodidact, he taught himself photography—especially street photography—during his college days.

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