Patricia Morosan – Remember Europe

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Searching for the center can be understood as an existential seeking and as a political metaphor – It is an emotional localisation in the geographical coordinates. This is also the case when it comes to the definition of the center of Europe. In seven countries several places claim to be in the center of Europe and each of them points to it with its own monument. The midpoints are located in Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Slovakia, since there are different methods for calculating the center point.
The shifts of those points are not only the result of the history, but also of the movements and adjustments experienced daily by everyone who roams these countries. The project is less an attempt to grasp the essence of a supposed European identity than a willingness to let go of such an idea in order to discover the new. With these discovery of new centers, new interstices emerge and new “edges of the world” can be drawn. At every moment of Patricia Morosan’s journey, Europe seems to tilt in its process, to find a new equilibrium.

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