Mafalda Rakoš – A Story to Tell

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A Story to Tell, or: Regarding Male Eating Disorders

»You don’t really fit in… You don’t fit into the group of normal people, because you’re anorectic. And you don’t fit with those affected by anorexia, because you’re a man.« – Thomas, 21

Our process always starts with a conversation.

What does it look like, your mental cage?
What do you feel, see, think, hear, taste and smell?
And where shall we go to take that picture of it?

A Story to Tell resulted from many encounters with eleven men affected by anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. Well-acquainted with the topic myself, I wondered: How is it to be affected as a male?

The protagonists of this project, many of them trans*, gay, bisexual or otherwise associated with a gender-diverse community want to show: everyone can be affected.

Very often, it was shocking to listen. Yet, together with journalist Ruben de Theije, we kept drilling towards the true conflicts in the intersection of social expectations and big emotions; conflicts that lie at the heart of the stories they wanted to tell.

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