Laura Snijders – Deset!

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DESET! Is a card game presented during an Ondertussen exhibition in Stroom in 2021. The game had no rules to start with. The players created the rules which resulted in a different game every time. I observed the players and the way they dealt with a game without rules. I created a clear situation to observe rules, imagination and interaction.

The games that were played are now bundled in the artist’s book DESET!. The book is a research into rules; how to set them and how to let go of them. I’m interested in the creativity and social interaction that is involved in this process.

Book design: Jules Janssen
Riso printing and binding in collaboration with: Stencilwerck
Silkscreening of cover in collaboration with: Julian Sirre
Advice on writing: Flora Valeska Woudstra
Silkscreen on plastic sleeve at: Frans Masereel Centrum
Papers: Softy by Favini (cover) and IBO One (inside)
Type: Aperçu and Pin Dot both by Colophon Foundry

The book was launched in Billytown on the 4th of April 2024.

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