Kumo Magazine #1

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The first issue is the beginning of a journey where we don’t know how long it will last. The focus is on Brittany, France. It is the place where a small photo book became the idea of a magazine.

KUMO is an art, design and travel magazine based on the idea of rediscovering our environment by abstracting it into vertical meters. Every meter opens up new biotopes and ways of life. “Kumo,” Japanese for Cloud, is directly related to the concept of height because in the end, clouds are above everything and they are omnipresent, overlooking the world below. KUMO peers into the little pleasures in life, taking people’s stories and experiences to new places, similar to how clouds transport water.

KUMO is a bilingual magazine. The plan is to offer four issues every year. So, it offers English as the main language as well as a German translation in the same magazine. We decided to do this because breakting boundaries is an important part of our work.

About the founders Christof Geramb & Valentin Rudloff:
We are passionate communication designers and photographers. What began as a small photo book now offers the opportunity to take the reader on a journey whose end we don’t yet know. The magazine introduces designers, artists and extraordinary personalities in relation to their environment. The aim of the magazine is to provide personal stories about freedom and adventures.

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