Jenny Magazine #10

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The anniversary edition of the literary anthology JENNY The anniversary edition of the anthology for contemporary literature JENNY, edited by students of the Institute for Language Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, is dedicated to the topic of intransparency. A variety of literary genres explore what can be described and overwritten by the concept of intransparency. Issue 10 also focuses on our own editorial work - and takes a critical look at the literary world and our own institutional framework. In an experimental interview section, editorial control is transferred to a chatbot named Jenny - which uncovers interesting things in conversations with a publisher, a writer and translator and an employee of the city of Vienna's immigration department.

Editors of JENNY °10
Talie Bühl
Nicole Collignon
Emil Alicia Huppenkothen
Leon Locher
Grace Oberholzer
Valerie Prinz
Leonie Pürmayr
Sara Schmiedl
Michael Wittman

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