Jakob Dellacher, Peter Breitfuss – Polar

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Those of you who were lucky enough to be at Vladimir Film Festival 2022 would have seen a preview of Jakob's wonderful book and heard him tell the amazing story behind it.

"A few years ago I unexpectedly received a box full of photographs of my late grandfather, whom I never got to know. The photos documented his life as a soldier between 1940 - 1944. Even though the circumstances could not have been more different, I recognised similarities in my own photographs, which showed skateboarding tours through Europe between 2012 - 2016. My grandfather, who I only knew from stories, became a tangible figure because we shared the same aesthetic view of the world".

Jakob has presented his photos next to his grandfather's in a beautifully presented book published by Fotohof edition. The similarities are often plain to see when they are put in front of you, but to have made these comparisons to begin with is quite something, and some of the pairings are just pure genius.

Quite simply one of the most unique and affirming books I've seen for quite some time, even the remotest of photobook fans should treat themselves to a copy.

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