Hanna Putz – Everything else is a lie

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"Everything else is a lie" is the title of Hanna Putz' latest photo essay produced by PAMPAM Publishing and consisting of over 50 photographs. Though this assertion seems to suggest an unwillingness to contemplate another possibility, it is not by any means an indication of presumptuousness, but rather raises the question of what is still worthy of our trust, given the way we are inundated with information today. The Vienna-born artist finds the answer in the quotidian, on the street, as well as in her private life, in clubs, when doing sports or among her own circle of friends.

Using an analog camera, the artist creates shots with a poetic and remote character, which she then assembles to form a complete narrative by means of an intelligent selection of details, careful arrangement and the manner in which the individual images are juxtaposed. Removed from their context, they are to be understood not so much as a social portrait, but rather as an exploration of the value which images and ultimately memories have for us today. (Magdalena Vuković)

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