Gregor Eggenberger – Alles ist Fotografie

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Everything is photography is a tribute to a medium that is omnipresent today like no other and will continue to influence almost all areas of our lives in the future. Hans Hollein had a similar idea for architecture when he published a visionary manifesto with the aggressive title Everything is Architecture in the magazine Bau in 1968: He questions the traditional definition of architecture and demonstrates it with around 80 images from the art and architecture sectors - and fashion context, as well as representations of technological developments and our everyday lives, passionately and sometimes entertainingly, what architecture can be in the broadest sense and what potential generally lies in cross-disciplinary thinking. Everything is photography is a homage to this manifesto, a transfer to photography. As with Hans Hollein, Everything is Photography is divided into two parts: a text that is closely based on its model in the sense of a postmodern re-writing, and a playful image part that primarily includes artistic contributions, but also a search image, in which 10 errors have crept in, or a QR code that leads to a literary snapshot. The approximately 80 illustrations range from the most basic conditions of photography to obvious visions of the future - from the (pinhole) camera to the data image and from the paper image to the cloud. Photographs are stored in analogue and digital archives, consist of 16.8 million colors or are no longer photographed but computer generated.

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