Fotografie als Motiv

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Photography as Motif is an artists’ book, a work of photographic theory, and a practical handbook of photography all in one volume. Every photograph is a technical recording. The act of shooting is understood by the artists not only as a necessity, but as a source of fascinating topics such as authorship, motif, reflection, reproduction or variation.
In both its editorial and visual structure the book invites and guides also beginners through the practice of taking photographs. Unlike other handbooks the imagery of this ‘metabook’ has a liberate artistic quality and debate artistic and applied photography equally. Additionally it opens up standardised (male) views on how practical photography in a handbook has to look like. Photography as Motif enriches the question of what a photo book can be. The artists’ book creates an idiosyncratic encounter with the genre of a photo handbook and uses the book form to debate art and authorship in the act of photography.

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