Eric Asamoah – Forever Lasts Until It Ends (signed)

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The publication shines a spotlight on two central series of analog photographs: Forever Lasts Until It Ends (2022) and The Day After Tomorrow (2021). For both projects, Asamoah traveled to his parents’ native Ghana. The pictures he took in the West African republic tell stories of the sensitive phase of coming of age, of passages, emotions, dreams, and community as a collective sense of the transition to adulthood and independence. With an essay by Brooklyn J. Pakathi and a conversation between Gabriel Proedl and the artist.

Eric Asamoah’s (b. Linz, Austria, 1999) photographic practice is informed by his engagement with tendencies in progressive Black thought. He navigates the complexity of what it means to be young, Black, and anchored in a diasporic visual culture. Before translating his ideas into compositions, Asamoah records his thoughts in diary entries and notes. Far from being mere preparatory sketches, these texts constitute the emotional basis that sets his formidable photographic projects apart from the works of other young contemporaries.

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