Elsa Okazaki – My name is not Kawasaki

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MY NAME IS NOT KAWASAKI 私のなまえは川崎じゃないよ is an exhibition I did in June 2023 in Vienna, in which I showed works in connection with Japan.

MY NAME IS NOT KAWASAKI 私のなまえは川崎じゃないよ refers to a time in which I was called that name. Now that my daughters are the same age as l was then, this part of my life came back to mind. At that time, a long time ago, it was normal and tolerated to mob others because of their names or appearance. I am happy that there is much more dialogue about those themes nowadays. The "logos" (on the cover) are referring to this story. The old Kawasaki logo was transformed into an Okazaki one. And behind it there is a calligraphy of MY NAME IS NOT KAWASAKI 私のなまえは川崎じゃないよ. It is like a symbolic reappropriation of this story.

Inside there are also 2 portraits of my daughters wearing a Kawasaki cap sitting imperturbable in front of the camera (pages XXVI and XXVII). In this publication I am presenting the works I showed in the exhibition and more. From artworks to snapshots, it covers a timeline between 2008 to 2023.

ELSA OKAZAKI is a French-Japanese visual artist, based in Vienna, Austria. After working a decade in the advertising and movie industry, she turned exclusively to the visual art (photography and video). She was a student of the artists Peter Kogler and Matthias Herrmann at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her work has been shown in Austria, France, U.K., Serbia and Japan.

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