Christian Kosmas Mayer – The Book of Record of the Palm Capsule (Black Forest Library 3)

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Amongst the millions of palm trees in Los Angeles there is one that stands out: The Exposition Park Palm Tree. Having been moved three times within its lifetime, the palm is L.A.’s oldest. It is a mute witness to the growth of the city from its early days as a pueblo to the megapolis of today.
By 2115 this tree will long be gone and forgotten when the content of an unearthed time capsule reactivates its story. This book is the official record of this Palm Capsule:

“If you happen to read these words in the year 2115 or later, I would kindly ask you to share the information available in the book with others to make sure the capsule is unearthed and opened. Let its content unfold like a newborn planet from a seed planted 100 years before.” – Christian Kosmas Mayer

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