Wolfgang Zurborn - o.T., Köln 2005, aus der Serie „Drift“

Wolfgang Zurborn - o.T., Köln 1988, aus dem Buchprojekt „Crowds“

Wolfgang Zurborn - o.T., Köln 1991, aus dem Buchprojekt „Crowds“

Wolfgang Zurborn - o.T., Wackersdorf 1986, aus dem Buchprojekt „Crowds“

Wolfgang Zurborn - o.T., Köln 2005, aus der Serie „Drift“

Wolfgang Zurborn – Orders that do not betray chaos – Artist Talk

Friday, 31 May 2024, 19:00
Softcover, Stumpergasse 53-55, 1060 Vienna

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For more than 40 years, Wolfgang Zurborn has been exploring urban living spaces in different countries with various photographic projects. He is particularly interested in creating vital testimonies to the present with an open view of diverse cultures. In his pictorial worlds, the world should not come to a standstill or be cataloged according to simple criteria. Rather, he wants to create orders that do not betray the chaos. In his book and exhibition projects, he attaches particular importance to creating associative visual dialogues in the interplay of photographs that enable a perception beyond the obvious.

The lecture by Wolfgang Zurborn at Softcover in the run-up to his photo book workshop provides an overview of his photographic work since the 1980s, starting with b/w photographs in documentary style from German leisure worlds, through flashed color photographs of crowds of people, to the current work “Play Time”, in which the boundaries between fiction and reality begin to blur. A special focus of the presentation is on the presentation of his varied publications, such as the fanfold “China! Which China?” with photographs from Beijing and Shanghai 2006 or “Karma Driver” with photographs from India 2013-2015.

Wolfgang Zurborn (*1956) is a freelance photographer. His work has been exhibited worldwide. Together with Tina Schelhorn, he has been running the Lichtblick photo gallery in Cologne for 38 years. In 2010, he founded the Lichtblick School, in whose program photo book workshops together with Markus Schaden play a major role. He also teaches photography at various German universities and in international workshops. He has been on the board of the German Photographic Academy (DFA) since 1998.

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Photo Book Workshop with Wolfgang Zurborn

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